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Hello there,

I am Um Maryum , the Founder of Al Maryum.

Welcome to Al Maryum. We are an online Abaya shop designed to cater to modern, stylish, and modest women. Our roots inspire our designs in the Arabian Gulf, and we strive to enrich every Abaya with the blended threads of our cultural heritage and the beauty of contemporary styles.

Throughout history, Arab women have covered their bodies with various materials, including stola, hulk, Milaya and Abaya. The garments have been modified through time and have been made to fit the fashion of the land from generation to generation. However, the covering garment’s purpose has remained the same throughout history.

Our brand name, ‘Al Maryum,’ is an Arabic name for the garment commonly worn by women to cover the whole body, including their legs. Modesty is an inherent part of our Islamic values and has a significant influence on our brand name’s inspiration. We aim to merge modesty with iconic style.

The Abaya has recently become popular, but it is slowly drifting away from its original purpose. At Al Maryum, we aim to reintroduce and revive the traditional Abaya while incorporating the current trends in the fashion industry without forgetting its original intent.

Every design from Al Maryum is a perfect blend of modesty and fashion and is great for every occasion. The Arabian Gulf Heritage inspires our designs; however, I would love to introduce our modest and iconic styles to every woman across the globe regardless other their religion, ethnicity and background.

I hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us. Our platform is skillfully designed to help you find the perfect Abaya that fits your needs. We have a wide range of collections in different styles curated to meet your every occasion and mood. So whether you are looking for an Abaya for a business meeting, a special event or a casual outing, Al Maryum is the place to shop.

Our team profoundly regards our brand, hence the need to produce high-quality Abayas. We keep innovating in different ways to add uniqueness and beauty to our designs to achieve the perfection associated with our brand. At Al Maryum, we constantly endeavour to provide stellar customer service to ensure that you are happy with the Abaya you purchase.

At Al Maryum, we understand that our female bodies are made differently. To get your perfect size, you will need to pick an Abaya in the correct length and one that fits your body type. We have a detailed size guide on the website to ensure that you get the perfect size for your Abaya and one that will fit your body type. You need to take your measurements based on the guide or get someone to help you so that we can help you get the perfect Abaya.
We have a team ready to cater to your needs if you do not find what you are looking for on our website. If you do not get something readymade for your needs, we will custom-make a new design specially for you. We always aim to make our clients happy and content.

Welcome again to Al Maryum, and do enjoy shopping with us. We love having you here!

With my best regards,

Um Maryum,
Founder of Al Maryum
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